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PinkPewterIn Swarovski blinged cowgirl boots by Gypsy Luxe you will be the one everyone is talking about!  Our boots are each made by hand with the highest quality of leathers and crystals.  Literally! All of our boots are handcrafted from the first cut to the last crystal.  By the time each pair is completed they have about 80 artistic hours in them.  Each boot is a work of art; if you see us around we will even sign em!  Gypsy Luxe blinged boots are a must have for every Rhinestone Cowgirl!

We have some pretty amazing boot designs!  They really are like none you have ever seen before, but get em quick, each of our boots are limited edition.  Once they are gone, we may not be making that boot again.  Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than going to the rodeo and seeing every other girl wearing your exact boots.

If you want to be one of a kind, we have yet another option for you.  We can custom design your boots to look exactly the way you want.  You can pick your own leather, how you would like them stitched (think logo or ranch brand), and how you would like them blinged.  Completely custom!

Have a pair of boots that you already love?  We can add Swarovski crystals to most genuine leather boots. Take a look at some of our pics to get some ideas of what you would like. Then, let us customize some kickers for ya. Each pair we do is custom so there are never any exactly like yours out there. If you are unsure what you would like, let us come up with some ideas that will get your creative wheels turnin`.

Let us help you make the world a blingier place to be!

Love, Peace, & Boogee Bling!

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