Bling Boot Maddness!

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Andrea& 65

Well, we blinged and you loved!

We are so excited that so many of you out there are loving our boots as much as we are!  Over the past few months we have been flooded with orders for boots and we love it!  These orders have come from all over the United States!  Wow!

Some people are loving the blue blinged boots, actually quite a few out there, while others are ordering football inspired or wedding kickers.  Either way we are loving the creativity that is pouring out of all of our customers.  We are thrilled that everyone is using their blingtastic imaginations and going big with sparkle.  As we go, we are doing our best to add pics to our facebook and our website, but you guys are ordering faster than we can post!  Thanks so much for that!

We would sooooo love to hear and see what boot and bling you are thinking of designing.  If you have an idea in your mind and would like to share the creative bling-e-ness; please do!  We all wanna know!

If you see a pair of boots, share the pic and describe how you would bling it, who knows maybe we will give you a deal!

Love, Peace, and Boogee Bling!

Jewels & Jemz

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