Gypsy Luxe Bootline Reveal

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We are so very excited that our boot line is a GO!

Thanks to all of our family, friends, and fans…we have designed 6 different boots that will be going on pre-sale this month.  We are thrilled to share with you our works of art!

All of the boots are made with real hide leather inside, out, top and bottom.  We will not sacrifice quality when it comes to our boots.  From beginning to end it takes about 80 girl-hours to design every little detail of our works of art and we hope that you agree…it was all worth it! We have had so many questions about the process we decided to give you a glimpse at what we’ve been up to.

It starts with the design; what goes on the boot?  We have so many different ideas that narrowing down to just a few was very hard.  No worries tho, we are making very limited quantities of each boot and we will get a chance to use all of our ideas floating in our heads.  Then…What kind of leather; what color?  Then we changed our minds 15 times…and again 15 more!  Once we think we have it, we send the details to our “boot guy.”  Our design is drawn to scale by their artist, and we critique it… over and over again.  Now, we think we are good to go; but wait…more decisions!  Choose a pull-tab…choose a sole color…choose a heel, what height, what shape…urg!  Finally…a boot!  A real boot…well a prototype at least.  Guess what, it needs some changes.  A few prototypes later we have a boot that is ready to bling.  So we do! Then we fine tune the color, placement or size of the crystals.  But it is all worth it; we have one of a kind superfabulous boots!  We are so excited to show them off at the Austin Rodeo this year that we can hardly stand it.

So again, thanks so much to everyone that either helped make decisions or gave opinions, to everyone that answered a survey or gave us the comments that kept us going when we were exhausted.  Thanks to our families that listened to us gab about boots for hours on end or picked up more chores so we could redesign something until 2AM.  (which by the way…as I type it is 3AM).  We are so completely blessed to have you all in our lives!  To our most amazing fans, we love you and treasure you!  We hope to meet every single one of you in person someday.

For now, we need to hit the hay for tomorrow is church day!

Love, Peace, and Boogie Bling

Jewels and Jemz