Definitions of some our favorite (sometimes made up) words!!

Boogee (boo-gee):

A girl who is high class or someone that looks like they have a lot of money.

Boogeelicious (boo-gee-lic-ious):

So fabulously boogee its delicious!!!  It’s boogeelicious!

Gypsylicious (gyp-see-lish-ous):

When something captures the epitome of Gypsy style!

Fantabulous (fan-tab-u-lus):

When fantastic just doesn’t get the point across.

Glamtastic (glam-tas-tic):

Always fantasticly stylish and glamorous.

Hugeantic (hue-gan-tic):

It’s not huge…It’s not gigantic…It’s HUGEANTIC!

Superfabulous (Sue-pur-fab-u-lus):

It’s not just Fabulous it’s SUPER Fabulous!!

Fabuluxe (Fa-boo-luks):

So Chic… So lushous

This list gets added to often so please check back. Feel free to send us a word or definition you do not see on here!