Lucky Me

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You will be strutting in Luck with these boots.  They have three different colored Swarovski crystals, all glowing with neon lights.  These are so bright that you will wonder where the batteries go.  The gorgeous horseshoe pattern is designed with approximately 1500 Swarovski crystals of fuchsia pink, ocean blue and florescent green.  All of our boots are limited quantities to assure that very few will have yours.

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What makes Gypsy Luxe boots so unique?

Swarovski Crystals

The most obvious difference is every pair is accented with Swarovski crystals to make you sparkle and set our boots apart from the crowd

Hand crafted original designs

We design and style every pair to be professionally made the old fashioned way, by hand! About 80 hours of work goes into each pair from the first drawing to the last crystal! They are truly works of art so we sign every pair.

All genuine leather inside and out

Did you know most boots have a pig skin lining? And that’s why your feet sweat… Yuck! Don’t feel bad though, until we started the process of designing boots we didn’t know either…

Leather sole with cushioned instep

Here’s another one for ya… Did you know most boots have compressed cardboard soles? I know we were shocked too! Leather soles means you have the support and comfort desired in a boot built to last.

We can do custom boots too!

Because we make each pair by hand we can do custom designed boots with your specifications. Whether you want to use your ranch brand or just create a custom pair the way you like, we’ve got you covered!

The bottom line is things just aren’t made like they used to be. That’s why we didn’t settle for mediocre machine made boots. We wanted a quality product we could be proud of.  We still apply every crystal personally by hand… we weren’t giving up that secret!

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100% real cow leather; this includes the toe, shaft (inside and out). Leather color is textured dark brown.


Approximately 1500 individually placed Swarovski crystals in 3 different colors (green, fushia, and blue)


Floor to top 13 inches


Made with real leather! Put together the right way; with pegs! Can be easily resoled when necessary. Heel is dark brown and 2 inches high with rounded back.


Comfort gel insert placed into heel. Padded insert from heel to toe.


Snip toe

Storage Bag

Pink exterior, black interior lining, fully padded and reinforced, carry handle, Gypsy Luxe Logo